Semi-Automatic Corrugated Box Production Machines is a revolutionary new concept machine for a 3/5 ply paper corrugated board-making plant with a flexible approach to fixing any requirement for high-quality products.

It has a higher board rigidity and mechanical strength, as well as the best optical appearance and printing surface quality.

These advanced semi-automatic corrugated box-making machines require less energy and offer quick and easy startup properties, reducing the number of operators required as well as space.

Semi-Automatic Corrugated Box Making Machines are primarily developed for those who are capable of producing corrugated sheets on semi-automatic plants. while competing with high-volume automatic corrugated box-making plants. 

The Semi-Automatic Corrugated Box Making Machines are the perfect solution for Corrugated Manufacturing and packaging for all of them.


In the machines, the Single Face Web was brought into contact with the Double Face Liner after an applicator mechanism applied adhesive to the flute tips. The Machine makes an appearance.

And the combined webs were pulled over a series of heated plates by a top arrangement. And heavy woven cotton belts at the bottom.

Following the Hot Plates Section was a tractor, COOLING – tempering section, where the combined web was supported by a bottom belt carried on a bed of idlers.

Both the top and bottom belts were powered by a pair of Driven Puller Rolls at the machine’s back.

The belt, which was ballasted by a series of idlers, dominated the entire length of the machine. This arrangement kept the corrugated web in intimate interaction with the heated plates over the healing section.

Going to allow for good heat transfer and maintain the single-face web and the bottom.

Infirm liner

We have created a 3PLY and 5PLY Paper Corrugated.


Which provides the best HIC quality and productivity with production speeds of up to 50 mts., 60 mts., and 100 mts. per min.




This high-speed single facer for making 2PLY boards provides a high rate of production and improves efficiency. The rolls are supported by roller bearings and are mounted on the roller.

Minutely Finished Flute Rolls Produce Perfect Flute Formation for Smoother Running and Longer Life. A chain connects the helical gear box to the roller.

The DF 40 Single Facer is a daring new design that provides a high rate of production and improved efficiency.

The rolls are positioned on roller bearings for smoother operation and longer life.

Recirculating oil lubrication system based on high-temperature fluorinated grease results in flawless flute formation with minutely finished flute rolls.

The DF-40 comes with two pre-Hydraulic Lifting Reel Stands with Double Arms Lifting and Twin Unwinding Shafts for paper reels.


Rapid: This system allows for a full roll change in less than 30 minutes. Rolls are automatically removed and replaced, allowing the operation to meet client demands with minimal downtime.

Simple: Once the Roll Cartridge is in place, no adjustments or fine tuning are required.

Safe: Even while the rolls are hot, the flawless design of Cartridge roll Change may be performed on a regular basis.

& Safely Achieved, Even With Fewer Experienced Crews

The Quick Flute Change Capability gives the Box Plant greater scheduling flexibility as well as the option to provide the customer any flute profile he requires.

This High-Speed Single Facer provides a high rate of production as well as increased efficiency.

The rolls are mounted on roller bearings for smoother operation and longer life. Minutely finished flute rolls result in excellent flutte formation.

A Hydraulic Lifting Reel Stand is provided, which is chain-attached to the roller.


The Heavy duty hand operated machine is the latest innovation in site based manufacturing.

It is also suitable for light weight cutting of corrugated plastic or paper.

It is the cost effective and simple solution for cutting a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard and corrugated board.

A machine can save time and money and improve the quality of your products.

Mainly,Heavy duty hand Operated machine To cut the Paper or corrugated board.


Fluted corrugated board is one of the most widely used corrugated board in the world.

 The corrugated board is widely used for packaging of goods.

The fluted side of the corrugated board is used for packaging and the other side is used for printing. There are different corrugated board forming machine used to make corrugated board,

but the hand fed sheet pasting machine is cheaper and widely used for gluing the fluted side of the corrugated board for making 3/5/7 PLY Corrugated board.


The machine for creasing & cutting simultaneously is used for back folding of paperboard or cardboard boxes.

The machine has two pairs of shafts. For easy feeding, two guides, sets of creasing dies and 4 sets of slitting dies are provided.

The machine is mainly used for back folding of paperboard or cardboard boxes. Back folding is done by applying pressure on the backside of the sheet or box to be folded.

The machine can crease and cut the sheet/box simultaneously. Two pairs of shafts.

For easy feeding, two guides, sets of creasing



ECCENTRIC SLOTTER – The corrugator series is developed in conjunction with the development of corrugated board manufacturing technology.

This series provides customers with diverse potential and competitive prices, to meet the needs of the corrugated board industry in the changing economy and competitive market.

This machine can handle both slotting and corner cutting at the same time.

It can slot a number of sheets in a single stroke.

The distance between the two slots and the depth of the slot are both adjustable.

Two guides are provided to aid in easy feeding and proper dimension.


HIC Machinery Co. want To see ‘ Make in India‘ Become an Internationally Respected label.


Our Machine Are Dedicated To our Commitment to make this Happen.