Compact-50 is a Revolutionary New Concept Machine for 3/5 ply paper corrugated board making plant with a  flexible Solution to Satisfy any Requirement for top Quality Products.

It has Higher Board Rigidity and Mechanical Strength. with Maximum optical Appearance and Printing Surface Quality.

Compact -50 Needs Lower Energy Consumption and have Properties to Quick and easy Startup which Reduces a Number of Operators Required as well as Space.

Compact-50 corrugator is designed who are manufacturing  Corrugator Sheets on Semi-Automatic Plants and  Facing  Competition with High Volume Automatic Corrugated Box Making Plant. For all Of them, The Compact – 50 is the best solution. 

The Compact -50  can be installed in 25 MTRS LENGTH is an ideal Machine for the producers with limited space availability.

It is capable of efficiently running small, Different orders using any kind of paper to meet. Whatever demands Special Products.


 Mill Roll Stand (Twin Shaft Hydraullic)This Reel Stand is Equipped with Hydraulic Lifting Arrangement, Twin Shafts, Limit Switches, and Web tension are Control.

Reel Clamping is Done By Adjustable Cones, Reel Lifting Is Perform By Hydraulic Arrangement and Web Tension is controlled by Manual brake set.

Our High Speed Heavy Duty Single Face Paper Corrugated Board Making Machines (SFO 100) are designed to make single-facer corrugated paper.

The pastel glue on the flutes’ tops binds to the liner, resulting in single facer corrugated paper.

In addition, the SFO 100 single facers have the most contemporary designs, which are a major departure from the typical single facer.

Specifications: The most important deviation from typical single facer design is the SFO 100 modular approach.

The SFO 100 features various innovations, including single facer rolls mounted on roller bearings for high-speed production and a lubrication system based on high-temperature fluorinated grease, which overcomes a long-standing industry problem with recalculating oil lubrication systems.

The removal of the lubricating oil system eliminates waste and spillage on the floor.

High-speed production and the manufacture of high-quality board in a variety of paper grades are required.

The removal of the lubricating oil system eliminates waste and spillage on the floor.

High-speed production and the manufacture of high-quality board in a variety of paper grades are required.

Temperature and humidity control that is precise SFO 100 has built-in segments for thermic fluid or steam heating systems.

The upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of alloy steel and are mounted on a fingerless blower type single facer.

There is a plc auto control panel with a touchpad.

PLC auto controls are being used to control glue quantity in response to speed changes.

110 mt/min is indeed the maximum design speed. The high operating speed is 100 m/min.

The two-ply corrugated sheet is elevated from the single facer to the overhead bridge by the Take Up Units.

These are designed to apply the least amount of pressure on the sheet.

Because these systems are totally automated, the liners are not impacted.

These will also be used to move the sheet using the endless Belts.

Moreover, the belts can be tightened as needed.

Over-head-bridge Machine

Overhead bridges are conveyor bridges which convey single-face corrugated paper from the top of the single facer to the triplex pre-heater.

Our Overhead bridges are built with a massive steel channel structure and transport single-face corrugated using two conveyor belts from a five-layer line.

The  Overhead bridge’s automatic adjustment strategic alignment in appropriately positioning corrugated paper equipment, double tension, and suction.

The overhead footbridge already has a safety guard and stairwells for access.


Glue units are a mechanism for applying glue to a single facer sheet that we offer.

These systems also have the advantage of allowing each side of the machine to have its own load setting.

These devices are specifically designed to suit the requirements of current starches as well as the expanding market importance of high-quality micro flutes.

We have glue machines that are simplex, duplex, and triplex and are appropriate for single, double, and triple wall corrugated board production lines.

The equipment has a high precision applicator roll that ensures uniform glue application and lower glue consumption.

The existence of different guide rolls prior to the loading mechanism means that the single facer board is guided more accurately and smoothly.

The rolls are also hard chrome plated, ensuring a long service life.


Our double facers are used to produce precisely bonded corrugated board.

Because of the pre-conditioner, the liners are heated and conveyed stress-free to the double facer.

The hot plates remain completely flat under all operating conditions, allowing for constant heat transfer throughout the whole working width without edge crush.

Depending on our clients’ requirements, we can configure the heating area with a specific number of hot plates.

Additionally, the cooling section’s pressure rolls provide optimal forming quality.

The precisely engineered feed geometry assists in the elimination of bubbles and ripples in the liner and conditioning it prior to bonding.

These surfaces are very extremely durable and have been developed to have low friction qualities.

Electrical Control Panels

Electrical control panel Controlled All of Measurement Of Speed ,Accuracy of Quality. Mainly Added All of Switch Was mentioned on This Electric panel That Helps to Operate to  jurisdiction of every activities of during Functioning of  Corrugated machines


HIC Machinery Co. want To see ‘ Make in India‘ Become an Internationally Respected label.


Our Machine Are Dedicated To our Commitment to make this Happen.