Having a factory area of about 3,00,000 sq Feet,

The unit is equipped with ultra-modern machinery,

CNC machines and other tools and equipment.

We have our own Foundry Division and Quality Testing Laboratory.

Along with a wide range of Cutting Edge Testing Equipment and Tools along with a complete Quality Checking Process..

Renovation of all the machinery used in the manufacturing process is a routine.

Phenomenon that helps us reduce wastage of Foundry:

Pattern Making & Casting required for all the Machines being manufactured in the Workshop.


Pattern Making & Casting required for all the Machines being manufactured in the Workshop.

Test & Trial:

A complete arrangement including Boiler to Test & Trial of all the Machines before dispatch.

Machining Facilities:

  • Lathe Machine
  • Planner
  • Boring Machine
  • Hobbing (Fluting)Machine
  • Shaping Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Radial Drill Machine
  • Welding Set Machine
  • Automatic Hacksaw etc.

Quality Management System.


HIC Machinery Co. is One of the Biggest Organizations in Manufacturing In- line Combined Automatic paper Corrugator Board Making Plant

We are the First leading manufacturer in North India To Produce a successful  Automatic plant For 3 PLY & 5 PLY Corrugated boards.

Which are  Produced Both with  Advanced Technologies  And in a highly Economical Range.

Having Our Own Arrangements/ Setup For the Entire  Machinery / Plant from The Beginning (Casting)  Up to the Final Test & Trail.

We Are in this line for the last more  Than two  Decades and have been Serving the most  Reputed Corrugators in the  Domestic as well As in Internationally Market With our Quality  Products.

To make certain that our customers receive full value of their money.

We Follow A rigorous program Of Quality  Engineering from the Design & Material  Specifications Through Machining Assembly & Final testing.

Our Quality Team Cob Constantly Checks & Rechecks Every Part of The Machine. 

HIC Machinery Co. Offers A wide Range of paper Conversion Equipment

Which Enables  the user  to bring each unit up to the most recent technologies trends and Allows us to be the leader in the fields  and earn A remarkable Reputation Worldwide 

Our Products  Are to the International Quality & Standard With Modern demands  For easy To Operate, Compact in size, labor Saving, Economical, less Maintenance  Required.

HIC IS PRODUCING 3PLY/5PLY/7PLY Automatic Corrugator Board & Semi-Automatic Production Line, Flexo Printer, Die Punching, and So on. 

Besides Its Domestic Supply, We have Also been Exporting The Plant / Machinery to various Countries Like Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, Uganda, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,  Nepal, Dubai, Bulgaria, and many more



Humble beginnings

Having established our family business in the year 1984, HIC Machinery Co. was established with a mission to achieve and maintain market leadership through quality, innovation & cost efficiency. Today, the Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of corrugated board & box-making plant & machinery.

Ceo feebacks

I am Khushvinder Singh, Managing Partner of HIC Machinery Company. Welcome and thank you for visiting our website We feel immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Corrugated Box Making Plant.

Opening new locations

Allied machinery in North India of highly advanced technology and in economical range within the reach of every client. We are manufacturing Corrugated Box Plant for Three decades. Our own in-house arrangements are R & D, Casting Machine, Assembly, and fine test & trial possessed to supply the best quality Corrugated Box making units to the entire satisfaction of customers.

World wide coverage

Besides domestic, we are exporting our products abroad such as Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, Uganda, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai, and others.

HIC Machinery Co. (Top 3/5Ply Corrugated Plant Manufacturer)


Corrugated Boxes are Every where. This Simple yet Profound Packing Medium Is now Ubiquitous, Having emerged As the largest  Transport packaging material.

Millions Of Tones Of Agricultural and industrial Produce Are Trans ported from the factory to markets in this cost Effective Yet Sturdy Packaging medium. 


In the Late Nineteenth Century ( 1871), Albert Jones Discovered An Ingenious Way of giving Strength To paper.

He took a piece of paper, Convoluted It into A series Of Fluting, By Moistening It, and passed It between Two hot Corrugated Rolls.

What he Ended Up With is Show Below :  

In 1874, a Fellow American Named Oliver Long Discovered that When A flat Sheet of paper was Glued to one Side Of the Corrugated Paper, It Kept its Shape Even when It was Stretched and subjected to pressure.

This gave rise To  What is today Known As  Single Face Corrugated And It was  Also The Birth of The Corrugated  Board Industry.

 In 1926, Inland Pioneered Use of 100%  Soft Grade Kraftliner, Which  Provided Greater Tear and Puncture Strength.